Petroleum Oil Testing and Analysis from Environmental Testing Laboratory

Baseline Laboratories tests a broad spectrum of petroleum products, from light condensate and crude, to paraffins, and waxes. Our petroleum testing laboratory follows ASTM methods and exceeds quality control requirements.

  • Simulated Distillation
    Simulated distillation saves time and money, requiring a much smaller sample volume than traditional distillation methods. Baseline Laboratories performs simulated distillation through a variety of established methods, including: ASTM D2887, ASTM D6352, and ASTM D7169.

  • HTGC (High Temp Gas Chromatography)
    HTGC is capable of resolving hydrocarbon chains up to n-C120. By allowing the weight percentage of specific fractions or single hydrocarbon components to be determined, HTGC is extremely helpful for identifying flow assurance problems.

  • Hydrocarbon Profile
    Hydrocarbon profiles are similar in scope to ASTM simulated distillation methods. They are valuable tools that can help characterize crude oil and other petroleum products.
  • Physical Properties
    Flashpoint, API Gravity, Density, Initial Boiling Point, Distillation, etc.



Additionally, we are able to tailor analyses to meet specific needs. Please feel free to contact us at 405-390-2522 or to discuss your company’s needs.